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KidzCard Bank App

KidzCard is a product aimed to provide kids with a fun debit card that will help train for positive spending habits. The app equips parents with a robust toolset to help monitor spending and saving behavior.

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KidzCard bank app concept


Neumorphism Concept

Neumorphic design has become a hot trend in 2020, so I had to join the chain of concepts. Pictured is a mobile weather app design, where lighting is used to create a cleaner version of a skeuomorphic effect.

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Neumorphism app concept


Pixellid Website Design

Pixellid is a creative design agency with a focus on website design, apps and digital marketing. As founder of Pixellid, I created the business plan, brand, and the company website. Our projects are assigned a handpicked team of professionals, stacked with the best at each position.

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Pixellid Marketing Website


Grooovebox Website

Grooovebox is a media and events website template that I built as a test project and eventually plugged it into Crafts content management system (CMS). The integration included new learnings with the use of twig, a modern templating engine for PHP.

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Grooovebox Media Events Website


Educational KPI Dashboard

The key performance indicator (KPI) dashboard was a contract job where I was tasked with creating the user interface (UI) and managing the development team during design implementation.

The tool is used for school systems to capture important metrics about their students.

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School KPI Dashboard App


Apparel E-commerce Dashboard

This design was an assignment I was given to create a custom eCommerce dashboard that would support the needs of an apparel company.

The goal was to make key metrics easy to analyze and allow seamless reporting for the customer and their team.

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Apparel E-Commerce Dashboard


HoN Holiday Promo Site

The holiday web page contributed towards Heroes of Newerth's most successful month. Requirements were to promote the new hero, Klout, sales, events, and patch notes. I assisted with art direction, was responsible for the website design and front-end development.

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HoN Holiday Website


HoN Anniversary Webite

The HoNiversary website was a one page site I designed and assisted with front-end development. The goal was to promote a new hero, Parallax, a new map mode, capture the flag, and show gratitude to our community for 5 years of success.

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HoN Anniversary Website


Strife MOBA Website

S2 Games gave me the opportunity to hire a team and build a website to support all the information necessary for Strife, a "next generation" MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena).

I lead the design operations and contributed toward front-end development.

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Strife MOBA Website


I have worked with numerous companies varying in size and continue to prove the value a product designer will provide. Below you can view a featured list of them:

logo Stryker
logo Microsoft
logo Kellogg's
logo Accenture
logo Campbell's
logo Pure Michigan
logo Garena
logo USA Hockey

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